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I have always placed my models against a domestic background chosen at random ; whether cluttered with objects or sparsely furnished, my aim is to create an atmosphere, to imply a narrative. I wish neither to reflect their living conditions, nor to convey their social status or culture, but to leave the interpretation up to the viewer.

Each person will construct a story according the symbolic weight which they give to objects in the picture; my idea being to create quite a strong impact on the spectator’s emotions...

The human figure can be that of an adult or child ; there are sometimes two figures, but there is never any interaction. All the models represent isolated, abandoned characters whose faces, often half-hidden, convey solitude, apathy or boredom.

Nudity reveals the body’s sculptural dimensions. The use of perspective and of black and white throws the body into relief, an effect enhanced by my choice of classical poses.

Apart from isolation, another recurrent theme in my photographs is the character’s loss of orientation. The models, out of their “natural environment” and in sometimes complicated poses, become marionettes, as if under the influence of an external force. This puppet-like aspect gives the impression of an inability to be spontaneous.

Even the children do not represent the “joie de vivre” which one traditionally associates with them; although they are clothed and their faces can be seen, my representation is similar to that of the adults.

Without sentimentality, I compose pictures to engage the emotions of the viewer.
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